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The Delights of Dogs and the Problems of People is a new play by Rosalind Blessed, daughter of renowned actor Brian Blessed.  It opens on 15th March at The Courtyard Theatre , North London (N1 6EU).

I was delighted to attend an early rehearsal to take some photographs of the cast, Rosalind Blessed and Duncan Wilkins, in a script session with the director (Rupert Holloway) and in some some early scene shots.


Rosalind and Duncan, script reading



The director,  producer and set designer during the script work


To give you an idea of the theme of the play  the following text is taken from their press release:  This is a dark comedy following the journey of a relationship, The Delights of Dogs and the Problems of People is unafraid to ask the big questions like, “how do you clean a car full of dog sick with only a sad handful of damp serviettes?”.  

The Delights of Dogs and the Problems of People is a sometimes harrowing story but it’s worth it if only because somebody in the audience will get a free drink.

Life isn’t easy but it helps to have a paw to hold throughout it all.

I have to say it was a real pleasure to see some of the scenes being acted out.  This a play with really fresh, accessible and contemporary feel.  It is a two hander: a format I love as you can really delve into the two character’s personalities and differences.

2016-03-12_0004One of the early scenes



Rosalind & Duncan

Speaking of her work, Blessed says, “This is a play for anyone who has been in love, experienced heartbreak, or has had to get out of bed on a chilly night to let the bloody dog out for a pee – only to watch them sniff a pot plant for ten minutes, not pee, then want to come back in again.”

2016-03-12_0012Towards the end of my time with the cast and crew we took some pictures using some dramatic off-camera lighting to simulate a sunrise.


The Delights of Dogs and the Problems of People opens on 15th March at The Courtyard Theatre for a four week run.   You can buy tickets for this exciting production here.


All images © Theatre Photographer Adam Trigg.