The Jack Studios in Brockley | Theatre Production Photography in London | Lazarus – The Beggar’s Opera

Playing now at the Jack Studios in Brockley (South London) is Lazarus Theatre Company’s production of John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera.

A little background about The Beggar’s Opera.  This is a ballad opera in written in 1728 and the show is widely credited as the first musical ever.  With a story crafted around a set of songs in a not unsimilar style to today’s West End hits.

The opera is perfect for Lazarus’s high energy style.   Take one gangmaster (Peachum), his daughter (Polly) and a Highwayman (Mcheath).  When Peachum finds out his daughter has married McHeath, let’s just say he is not best pleased.  Neither is McHeath’s fiancée Lucy Lockit when he calls off their engagement.  The plot unravels and the tension increases right up to a dramatic ending.

I started out with a press shoot featuring the Highwayman McHeath who is played by Sherwood Alexander.  We used the local architecture and characterful parts of the Jack Studio building to show some of the many faces of this complex character.  Here’s a few of my favourite images from our sessions here.
Introducing Sherwood Alexander as McHeath

A final outdoor shot of Sherwood Alexander before heading back to the Studios….

Before attending the final dress for a set of production images (see later in this post) I visited the cast on a couple of occasions during rehearsals to help build a picture of all the hard work which went into this production.   As a musical I was treated to choreography sessions, singing rehearsals as well as the traditional lines and warm up exercises …
Michaela Bennison (Polly Peachum)
Shalana Serafina (Mrs Trapes)
Louis Rayneau (Filch)
Elizabeth Hollingshead (Lucy Lockit)
Sherwood Alexander (Mcheath)
Clockwise from top,  David Jay Douglas (Mr Peachum), Shalana Serafina (Mrs Trapes) and Alasdair Melrose (Matt of the Mint) 
Clockwise from top, Michaela Bennison (Polly Peachum), Natalie Barker (Mrs Peachum) and Elizabeth Hollingshead (Lucy Lockit)
Josie Mills (Lockit)
Jenny – Rachel Kelly

Finally I attended the final dress rehearsal and, oh boy, what a treat.  This was Lazarus at their finest.  Dramatic lighting, thought provoking scenes,  non-stop energy.  I’ll leave you with a small selection of my favourite images and a reminder that you need to get down to Brockley this week if you’d like to see one of the final shows.  You will not be disappointed.

All images © Theatre Photographer Adam Trigg.  This time working at the Jack Studios in Brockley, London.